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The HempVap® CBD Hemp Vaporizer Kit comes with three premium atomizers: PEACE, VITALITY and INSPIRATION. Each specialty atomizer gives a distinct hemp oil vape unlike any other with truly unique flavors and enjoyable experience. Our VIP kit is truly a one-of-a-kind hemp vape kit you will love.
A hemp oil vape is an effective way to get premium quality and sustainable hemp oil into your system without the harmful effects of nicotine and other unhealthy ingredients. Enjoy rapid results and complete satisfaction with ease. The VIP kit takes your experience to a new level with proprietary ingredients and exceptional flavors.
Experience VITALITY, INSPIRATION, and PEACE with the VIP kit.
1 – 1ML Atomizer of BI-Bong™ VITALITY (Green Apple)
This powerful proprietary herbal Bi Bong™ formula revives your mind and body and fuels your spirit. Containing a precise blend of East Asian herbs and sustainable hemp oil, this delicious green apple flavor is smooth, revitalizing, and contains no artificial flavors.
1 – 1ML Atomizer of BI-Bong™ INSPIRATION (Grape)
The bold grape flavor in this proprietary herbal Bi Bong™ formula contains a specialty blend of East Asian herbs and premium Hemp CBD Oil to inspire your soul and feed your creative spirit. This is a truly uplifting experience with no artificial flavors or ingredients.
1 – 1ML Atomizer of BI-Bong™ PEACE (Chocolate Mint)
This relaxing, proprietary herbal Bi Bong™ formula contains a precise blend of East Asian herbs and Hemp CBD Oil to give you a smooth chocolate mint flavor, an essence of peace, and pure relaxation.
As soon as we discovered the non-psychoactive but powerful compound in cannabis, CBD (cannabidiol), Medical Marijuana, Inc. set out to create legal access worldwide by deriving the compound from hemp, a variety of cannabis naturally low in THC and legal to import into the United States. Millions of dollars and years of research and development eventually led us to discovering the perfect cultivar, climate, and cultivation partners. This hemp CBD is at the core of this product and is an excellent source of omega fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll and terpenes - Read more about our story here.
Indulge in something that's beneficial and nutritional - Try the HempVap® CBD Hemp Vaporizer Kit!


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